Daquan jokes(笑话大全)


When your friends or family are not happy, you are not always want to do something for them, make them happy again, ah, can not know what to do it? Now with it (the joke Daquan), you can for him / her a few carefully selected jokes, text messages to pass through your care of. Believe that he / she will be happy after reading it.


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Duke dream interpretation(周公解梦)


Dreams are a strange phenomenon, and the experience of dreaming is common to all people. The interpretation of dreams in psychology: dream sleep, in some stage of the state of consciousness resulting from a spontaneous mental activity. In this mental activity of individual physical and psychological changes in the whole process, known as the dream.

梦是一种奇异的现象,而做梦的经验,也是人所共有的。梦在心理学上的解释:梦是睡眠中,在某一阶段的意识状态下所产生的一种自发性的心理活动。在此心理活动中个体身心变化的整个历程,称为做梦。 此软件提供关键字查询,分类查询;包括1800多条数据记录,查询速度快,操作简单。

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First Aid Collection(急救宝典)


Providing emergency first aid under the conditions of knowledge, is your home, meals, tours, necessary software, the same time, you can share with friends via SMS, the software interface is beautiful, simple!


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Colorful flashlight


Into monochromatic light interface, you can automatically change color to bring you experience the cool expression. Color interface, you define a variety of different colors, and then free combination, I believe you can create colorful lanterns. Click the "Start rolling" to see your lights is not cool!

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Advance Phone Assistant

Advance Phone Assistant now include Task Manager and File Manager.Task Manager is an useful tool to manager the processes front-end and back-end running. You can add the important processes into ignore list to avoid kill them. And you can backup important processes to sdcard and your email.You can uninstall apps and install apps.File Manager is also an useful tool to manager file.You can add folder,copy and paste folder and file.You can delete file and folder.

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Now Release Version :1.2.2:

Support English and Japanese.


 filemanager_main taskmanager filemanager taskmanager_backup file_operations